Family Council is Growing!

Photo from a recent Family Council meeting.

Meetings have been virtual during the pandemic, and previously were in-person and included free childcare for Council members.

Hi Generations Forward community!

The Family Council is happy to announce that we are growing our team! The Council is hoping to welcome a few new council members as well as a new Family Champion by February 2021. The Council would love to see more representation of BIPOC and immigrant families, LGBTQ families, rural families, single parents, and families with young parents on the Council. No formal education or employment experience is required to join; lived experience as a parent, caretaker, or family member with young children is itself a deeply valuable form of expertise.

What is it like to be on Family Council?

Family Council currently has 7 families and meets about twice a month. Council members attend two to four hours of (virtual) meetings per month, and are provided a stipend for their participation. Council meetings are focused around relationship building between families, generating ideas for Generations Forward projects and priorities, working with Generations Forward partners, and organizing community building events. Currently, the Family Council hosts monthly anti-racist community calls, and the Family Council leads these conversations by sharing anti-racist norms and offering resources and questions to guide discussions. The Family Council is a flexible and dynamic space, and strives to center the needs of families. Folks on Council also have opportunities to attend conferences and educational programs through our partner organizations.

If you are interested in joining the Family Council, please email and we will set up a call with our current Family Champion, Keith Montoya, and Program Coordinator, em Bigongiari, to talk more about what being on the Council entails. The Council aims to recruit 3-5 new members by the end of February and will prioritize representation and diversity in new Council members.

What is it like to be a Family Champion?

Family Champions work in a contracted role that includes facilitating Council meetings as well as additional outside work to move forward the Council’s goals. The general contract rate for Family Champions is $30 per hour, and the role involve 15-20 hours of work per month. Family Champions help to carry forward projects and priorities set by the Council, and work closely with the Generations Forward Program Coordinator. Family Champions also bridge relationships between Generations Forward partners and the Family Council. This role is a good fit for a parent or caretaker of young children who is excited about relationship building between families and partners, uplifting family voices for local policy advocacy efforts, and helping to facilitate conversations about racism, social injustice, and equity.

If you’d like to learn more about what being a Family Champion means, or apply to be a Family Champion, you can do so here (applications are due 1/31).

Please help us share these opportunities with families with young children by sending this blog post to any folks you know who may be interested. Thank you!

Take care,

em Bigongiari (they / her) ~ Generations Forward Program Coordinator

Keith Montoya (they / he) ~ Generations Forward Family Champion